Notre équipe

Florent Bergeret

President and founder
22 years of experience at Kouros and ENGIE in energy and hydrogen infrastructure and technologies.

Ovarith Troeung

Hyliko CEO
20 years of experience
at ENGIE and Michelin in low-carbon mobility in France and abroad.

Lionel Bertuit

Mobility Director
30 years of experience in the heavy mobility service and industry (Bridgestone, Fraikin, Volvo Trucks, Kertrucks Rental).

Vincent Dragon

Hyliko Trucks CEO
20 years of experience
in the industry in various groups (Safran, Naval Group, CNIM) in project management, procurement and management positions.

Matthieu Barbier

Hyliko Trucks Engineering Manager
6 years of experience in the automotive industry in production and industrial development manager roles (Plastic Omnium factory 4.0 in Europe).