BeRT&YOU® switches to Hydrogen Trucks with Hyliko


To accelerate the decarbonisation of its heavy goods vehicle fleet, BeRT&YOU® has decided to trust Hyliko, the first hydrogen mobility platform with a negative carbon footprint. BeRT&YOU® and Hyliko are signing a partnership to provide three hydrogen trucks by the end of 2023 as a first step. Always with a winning spirit, BeRT&YOU® and Hyliko want to contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of freight transport through committed actions and disruptive technologies.




BeRT&YOU®, a trailblazer in the decarbonisation of transportation, after deploying CNG and electrical solutions, is moving to another level by accelerating its decarbonisation with Hyliko’s integrated hydrogen truck and fuel solution with a negative carbon footprint.


The actions undertaken include a fleet of 30 gas-fuelled vehicles (CNG and LNG), 5 electric fleet tractors, retrofitting of new electric tractors, creation of a green mobility department, training of female drivers with a view to opening the profession to new audiences.




Hyliko offers a fleet decarbonisation service that includes the complete leasing and maintenance of hydrogen trucks, their integration into the supply chain 4.0, supply of hydrogen fuel, carbon footprint management and integration into carbon accounting. One diesel truck emits 1.2 kilograms of CO2 into the atmosphere for every kilometre travelled, 1 Hyliko truck removes 1.5 kilograms of CO2 from the atmosphere for every kilometre travelled. 1 Hyliko truck replaces 1 diesel truck and offsets emissions from a second diesel truck. With only 45% Hyliko trucks, a fleet becomes carbon neutral.




Hyliko is developing its own network of hydrogen distribution stations with a negative carbon footprint. Hydrogen is produced directly at the distribution station site from locally sourced biomass residues (within a radius of less than 100 km of the station). Local production, local decarbonisation, local economy! Hyliko aims to decarbonise 1.5 million tonnes of CO2 per year and 10% of the European market for hydrogen HGVs by 2030. In the short term, Hyliko is working on the deployment of the first 2 stations in France by 2023 and is aiming for around fifteen stations in 2025.


For Patrice PERICARD, CEO of BeRT&YOU®: « With over 14 million litres of diesel consumed each year, our Group is aware that alternatives to fossil fuels have become a priority. That is why we have decided over the past eight years to undertake substantive work to test and use all the avenues that represent encouraging prospects.


Without presuming solutions that will prevail in the future, we wish to contribute to all types of studies. This contribution aims as much to meet the challenges facing us as to align our actions with our CSR commitments. »


For Florent BERGERET, President and founder of Hyliko: « In a global context where decarbonising is a major imperative, Hyliko provides a unique, comprehensive response that is easily accessible to heavy mobility players. Being able to offer carbon-negative hydrogen stations, heavy goods vehicles and trace the carbon footprint in the same integrated solution by 2023 will accelerate the adoption of renewable hydrogen and contribute to the achievement of the climate objectives of the Paris Agreement. Hydrogen is the most relevant solution for zero-emission heavy transport, both in terms of battery life and payload. It is also a sustainable response for access to Low Emission Zones (LEZs) and we are very pleased to see innovative and visionary carriers, such as BeRT&YOU®, choosing the Hyliko solution.”


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