Hyliko’s GreenGT partner


GreenGT Technologies and the industrial investment company Kouros are entering into a long-term technological and industrial partnership to jointly develop electric-hydrogen heavy mobility solutions.

GreenGT Technologies, a pioneer in the design and development of high-powered electric-hydrogen solutions for the mobility industry, and Hyliko, a subsidiary of the Kouros Group, provider of an integrated hydrogen for heavy mobility service aimed at transporters and shippers, have signed a technology licensing, know-how transfer and engineering service agreement to design, manufacture, market and operate a new range of electric-hydrogen powered heavy goods vehicles.

This partnership announcement is part of Kouros’ strategy, which has chosen an internal development by creating Hyliko, a company that offers a fleet decarbonisation service including the leasing and complete maintenance of hydrogen trucks, their integration into the supply chain 4.0, the supply of hydrogen fuel, the management and certification of carbon credits to achieve decarbonisation objectives faster.

The French company GreenGT Technologies is preparing to run the first 44 tonne electric-hydrogen truck, developed as part of the CATHyOPÉ programme. This French consortium of three partners, GreenGT Technologies, Transports Chabas and Carrefour, supported under the Future Investment Programme (PIA) operated by ADEME, was created to design, build and operate a 44-tonne transport truck (a 26-tonne carrier and its 18-tonne trailer) with electric-hydrogen propulsion, under the actual operating conditions of a logistics line from Carrefour in southern France. This truck is designed to match the performance (power of 530 hp, battery life of 500 km, refuelling in under 15 minutes) of a conventional vehicle of the same tonnage, without any exhaust emissions thanks to the hybrid electric-hydrogen system. The powertrain is designed around a 170-kW hydrogen fuel cell. As a first step, a series of trucks of this prototype will be assembled by Hyliko and integrated into its decarbonisation service for logistics and distribution players. Eventually, GreenGT Technologies will work with Hyliko to design and develop a new range of vehicles dedicated to heavy transport.


Jean-Michel Bouresche – Managing Director of GreenGT Technologies

« GreenGT Technologies is very pleased to enter into this partnership with Kouros. This agreement is part of the follow-up to the CATHyOPÉ programme and is the culmination of five years of intense research and development work that will lead to a new generation of vehicles.”

Florent Bergeret – Head of Strategy and Investments at KOUROS FRANCE

« We are delighted to be able to count on the unique expertise of GreenGT Technologies for the development and assembly of electric-hydrogen-powered trucks that we will integrate into the HYLIKO freight transport decarbonisation service.”


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