Kouros launches Hyliko


In a global context where decarbonising is a major imperative (carbon neutrality target in 2050 to comply with the Paris Agreements, the latest alarming report by the IPCC, an increase in extreme weather events), Kouros launches Hyliko and Carbonlooptwo decarbonisation services to make the carbon neutrality of the two highest CO2-emitting sectors possible: freight transport and industrial energy consumption.


With this launch, Kouros continues its strategy to fight global warming. For the past three years, Kouros has invested in green energy through 7 holdings in innovative companies (Nawa Technologies, Ergosup, STEP, HYSETCO, Powerhive, Haffner Energy, Sunna Design).


For the first time, the proposed solutions have a negative carbon footprint, thanks to a process combining short-circuit production of renewable energy from biomass residues and carbon sinks. 50% of the incoming biomass carbon is trapped in solid form in a by-product called biochar. Used as a soil improver due to its very high porosity, biochar can both restore degraded soils and sustainably sequester carbon.


« The launch of Hyliko and Carbonloop marks a new stage in the development of Kouros; in the absence of a decarbonisation service available on the market, Kouros has favoured internal development by combining several innovations, » says Florent Bergeret, Director of Strategy and Investments at Kouros France.



Hyliko, a comprehensive and integrated offer, is the fastest solution to decarbonise freight transport


Hyliko offers a fleet decarbonisation service that includes the complete leasing and maintenance of hydrogen trucks, their integration into the supply chain 4.0, the supply of hydrogen fuel, carbon footprint management and integration into carbon accounting. One diesel truck emits 1.2 kilograms of CO2 into the atmosphere for every kilometre travelled, 1 Hyliko truck removes 1.5 kilograms of CO2 from the atmosphere for every kilometre travelled. 1 Hyliko truck replaces 1 diesel truck and offsets emissions from a second diesel truck. With only 45% Hyliko trucks, a fleet becomes carbon neutral.



Carbonloop OPENS THE ERA of ACCELERATED decarbonisation of industry


Carbonloop is the same innovative idea of accelerated decarbonisation applied to industry. Carbonloop offers manufacturers a decarbonisation service by combining  the production and supply of electricity and heat from local biomass with a carbon sink on the customer’s site. Such a combination makes it possible to decarbonise energy consumption very quickly in order to achieve a carbon-neutral industrial site.




Hyliko and Carbonloop are the first decarbonisation services designed to meet energy needs and reduce their customers’ carbon footprint and integrate with their carbon accounting. By combining energy production and carbon sinks, Hyliko and Carbonloop are responding to the climate emergency and addressing stakeholders committed to carbon neutrality by offering them a single, integrated service for accelerated decarbonisation. Hyliko aims to decarbonise 1.5 million tonnes of CO2 per year and 10% of the European market for hydrogen heavy goods vehicles by 2030, i.e. around 15,000 heavy goods vehicles and around 100 distribution stations. For its part, Carbonloop aims for a decarbonisation of 1 million tonnes of CO2 per year by 2030 and a presence in around a hundred European industrial sites.

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