Point.P purchases 2 Hyliko hydrogen trucks


POINT.P had already launched its Evoluvert programme in 2012, aimed to reduce the carbon footprint of its logistics tool. The brand was thus a pioneer in the trading world, for trucks running on CNG (compressed natural gas), then from 2017, on bio-CNG. Aware of its responsibility and in line with its environmental policy, POINT.P is now positioning itself, in 2022, on a new solution that will complement the evolution of the energy mix of its logistics tool, with the objective of achieving carbon neutrality in 2050, thus turning a new page in its sustainable logistics program.

To accelerate this decarbonisation, POINT.P has just signed a partnership with Hyliko to equip, as a first step, two trucks running on SuperGreen hydrogen. The Hyliko offer enables POINT.P to respond even more to the challenges of a more environmentally friendly and noise-free urban delivery.



Aware of the complexity of the environmental impacts of fuels, POINT.P chose to test new trucks based on the fuel production method and considering emissions from the « well to wheel. » This approach has made it possible to establish more requirements and more ambition.

Hyliko provides this response and is developing a turnkey service for the decarbonisation of truck fleets. This service includes the local production and supply of SuperGreen hydrogen, the leasing and maintenance of hydrogen trucks, and the management and certification of the transportation carbon footprint.

The Hyliko offer appealed to POINT.P since it incorporates this dual approach: production of fuel on the one hand, and operation of the fleet of trucks on the other. It is part of the approach taken by the brand to develop best practices in terms of sustainable logistics (bio-CNG trucks, inland waterway transport, electric trolleys and trucks, etc.) and in line with the Evoluvert approach of Saint-Gobain Distribution Bâtiment France.

POINT.P is once again a forerunner in the world of building trade by operating, from 2023, two hydrogen-powered trucks in the Paris region. It will be a 44-tonne tractor and a 26-tonne carrier with its crane platform.

The two Hyliko trucks commissioned by POINT.P herald the decarbonisation of its fleet. As silent vehicles, they will also contribute to addressing the problem of noise pollution in urban areas.

POINT.P selected the Hyliko solution as SuperGreen hydrogen, produced from biomass residues, offers a negative carbon footprint.

How do you produce SuperGreen hydrogen with a negative carbon footprint? 

Hyliko chose the thermolysis of locally sourced biomass to produce the SuperGreen hydrogen that it distributes.

Carbon naturally occurring in biomass was first removed from the air by woody biomass (wood residues) and is considered neutral energy (Ademe definition).

Biomass thermolysis also produces biochar, a solid co-product that traps 48% of the incoming biomass carbon. Used as a soil improver due to its very high porosity, biochar can both restore degraded soils and sustainably sequester carbon. It is recognised as a carbon sink by the IPCC.

Biomass thermolysis is therefore a hydrogen production method that allows for emission of lesser carbon than would have been emitted by the natural destruction of the biomass (combustion or rotting of wood) and the co-produced biochar creates a new carbon sink.

This is how SuperGreen hydrogen distributed by Hyliko guarantees a negative carbon footprint.


Hyliko is developing its own network of hydrogen distribution stations. Hydrogen is produced directly at the distribution station site from locally sourced biomass residues. Hyliko aims to decarbonise 1.5 million tonnes of CO2 per year and 10% of the European market for hydrogen heavy goods vehicles by 2030, i.e., around 15,000 heavy goods vehicles and around 100 distribution stations. Hyliko is working on the deployment of 2 stations in France and is targeting around fifteen stations in 2025.

The experiment launched by POINT.P and Hyliko will receive preliminary feedback starting 2025 with a view to gradually extending it in France.

« For several years now, we have launched a large-scale project to develop alternative transport solutions in order to minimise the environmental impact of our business. This project with Hyliko is a further step in this direction and meets the constraints related to urban deliveries and the requirements of our customers. It is our responsibility as a leader to explore all avenues that will enable us to respond to environmental challenges and inspire our business sector, » says Nicolas Godet, CEO of POINT.P.

« We are delighted to have been selected by POINT.P to support them in the further decarbonisation of their heavy goods vehicle fleet. This choice demonstrates the relevance and unique benefits of the Hyliko fleet decarbonisation service, which relies on the distribution of a SuperGreen hydrogen with a negative carbon footprint, » says Florent Bergeret, President and founder of Hyliko.

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