Hyliko choose Forsee Power battery systems for its hydrogen trucks

Hyliko, the first integrated decarbonisation solution for road freight transport announces that it has chosen Forsee Power (FR0014005SB3 – FORSE) as its partner to equip its first hydrogen powered heavy-duty vehicles with the PULSE 2.5 intelligent battery system.

Hyliko, the first integrated decarbonisation solution for road freight transport

A pioneer on the French market, Hyliko is the first hydrogen mobility platform dedicated to the decarbonisation of road freight transport, offering a turnkey service for the supply and maintenance of hydrogen heavy vehicles, the production and distribution of “super green” hydrogen via its network of refueling stations, and the management of carbon footprint.

Hyliko is offering two hydrogen trucks: a 44t tractor and a 26t 6×2 and 6×4 rigid truck. Forsee Power batteries will be installed on Hyliko vehicles from the first deliveries in September 2023. The level of high-power performance in a reduced volume offered by Forsee Power’s PULSE 2.5 modules makes it possible to optimize the architecture of hydrogen trucks for better usage performance.

The Hyliko offer enables transporters to carry out their daily missions with hydrogen-powered trucks both in Low Emission Zones (LEZ) and outside these zones. It is based on « super green » hydrogen produced from biomass residues, a renewable resource collected locally, in a short circuit, from forestry and soon agricultural waste.

To date, Hyliko has received great deal of interest from customers for more than 350 hydrogen trucks, such as Berto, Point.P & Bert&You Groups.

“We chose Forsee Power for the quality and performance of their batteries. The PULSE 2.5 extra-flat high power battery system seems to us to be the solution of choice for the first hydrogen trucks that we are planning for our clients. Being a French supplier has also reinforced our approach of favoring French and European production channels for our offer to decarbonise road freight transport.” explains Ovarith Troeung, CEO of Hyliko.

Forsee Power strengthens its position as European leader in batteries for heavy vehicles

The battery system is essential for the proper functioning of a hydrogen vehicle. The fuel cell, fueled by hydrogen tanks, produces electricity which powers the electric motor. Hydrogen is therefore the main source of energy for the vehicle. The batteries, charged by electricity from the fuel cell, make it possible to generate additional energy during sudden changes in load (acceleration or climbing a steep slope). The vehicle is thus mainly driven by the fuel cell while the battery comes in support to bring more power.

The extra-slim format of Forsee Power’s PULSE 2.5 modules combined with their very high power frees up the space necessary for the integration of fuel cells and hydrogen tanks and therefore optimizes the space dedicated to goods. The batteries will be fixed on the sides of the trucks, providing a total of 60.7 kWh.

Forsee Power has positioned as the leader in battery systems for heavy hydrogen vehicles in Europe and already equips several hundred vehicles (buses mainly and dump trucks).

“We are proud to support Hyliko in the development of its hydrogen trucks. Forsee Power has developed a wide range of batteries to support the energy transition of vehicles, whether 100% batteries or hydrogen. Our ultraslim, high-power PULSE 2.5 battery system is an excellent solution for those trucks where the challenge is to optimize the volume occupied, the on-board weight and the range to enable zero-emission freight over long distances” explains Sébastien Rembauville-Nicolle, Vice President Business Development of Forsee Power.


About Forsee Power

Forsee Power is a French industrial group specializing in smart battery systems for sustainable electric transport (light vehicles, off-highway vehicles, buses, trains and ships). A major player in Europe, Asia and North America, the Group designs, assembles, and supplies energy management systems based on cells that are among the most robust in the market and provides installation, commissioning, and maintenance on site and remotely. More than 1,600 buses and 100,000 LEV have been equipped with Forsee Power’s batteries. The Group also offers financing solutions (battery leasing) and secondlife solutions for transport batteries. Forsee Power has more than 600 employees. For more information: www.forseepower.com | @ForseePower

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