Support and expertise for the maintenance and repair of your vehicles


24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Technical advice and repairs

Fleet management and decarbonisation

Hyliko Connect (fleet monitoring, emissions avoided, etc.)

Dedicated Hyliko fleet manager


Hyliko Driver application (GPS, station information, etc.)

Start-up training and e-learning

Maintenance and repair

Hyliko Service Center and approved partners

Vehicles and equipment

Hyliko Connect, a tool for controlling your fleet and your decarbonisation objectives

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Drivers as agents of change

Drivers are at the heart of the energy transition. Driving a hydrogen HGV is often a new experience for them. That’s why Hyliko is offering a day to get to grips with the vehicle, followed by long-term support in the form of online training (including eco-driving) on Hyliko Driver, to help you tackle this change calmly.

To me, hydrogen is the best of both worlds. We have the comfort and silence of electric, with the independence of thermal. I'll never be able to do without it again. Hydrogen provides excellent flexibility, immediate acceleration and perfect silence !

Lionel Lefèvre, driver of the Hyliko hydrogen rigid for Berto, a Point P haulier (Interview by Jérémy Lequatre-Garat for Décision PL).

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