Hyliko unveils its 1 st hydrogen truck and its center of excellence at Hyvolution

Paris, 1st of February, 2023


Hyliko, the first integrated hydrogen mobility platform dedicated to truck fleets, marked a key milestone in its development by revealing publicly, on the 1st of February, its first 44-tonne hydrogen fuel cell tractor truck and by announcing its project for a hub of excellence dedicated to hydrogen mobility located in the southern area of Greater Paris.

A range of French hydrogen trucks to decarbonize road freight transport

On the 1st of February, Hyliko presented its first range of hydrogen rigids and tractors for the use of Road Freight Transport at Hyvolution.

It features a 26t-44t rigid and a 44t tractor based on a modular architecture centered on a hydrogen powertrain developed jointly with GreenGT.

To design its trucks, Hyliko has built important partnerships with key players recognized for their know-how and reliability. The vehicles incorporate GreenGT’s hydrogen technology with two fuel cells with a total output of 160 kW, a Plastic Omnium hydrogen tank with a storage capacity of 40 kg and Forsee Power batteries with a capacity of 60 kWh.

All these technologies enable an engine power of 350 kW and an estimated range of up to 400 km at 350 bar (900 km at 700 bar).

The first 44t tractor featured at Hyvolution by Ovarith Troeung, the CEO of Hyliko, was designed on a retrofitted Renault Trucks chassis, in which the entire diesel drive unit was replaced by a hydrogen fuel cell system. Hyliko has indeed worked on the reconditioning of vehicles, aspiring to facilitate the transition to the low-carbon economy by promoting a solution with rapid and unconstrained implementation.

By choosing hydrogen as a fuel, Hyliko trucks are suitable for many uses because of their range (from 400 to 900 km) and their fueling time comparable to diesel’s (20 mn). The tractor provides the sufficient autonomy level to drive regional or long-distance transport, while the rigid has been designed to be bodied in van, fridge, flat bed, dump and cranes and allow energy-intensive use.

« We are pleased to present today our range of hydrogen trucks and our hydrogen center of excellence project located in the heart of “Grand Paris Sud”. The range of our First Edition aims to cover the main uses of Road freight transport by combining operational performance and reliability. With key partnerships with coachbuilders and major industrial groups, we have been contributing extensively to the development of the hydrogen and industrial sectors in France. With Hyliko, carriers and contractors now have all the keys to decarbonize the Road Freight Transport economy, » adds Ovarith Troeung, CEO of Hyliko.

In addition, Hyliko aspires to promote the French industry as much as possible in all the manufacturing steps of its vehicles. Therefore, the design and assembly of the vehicle presented at the exhibition was carried out on the national territory and the future series development of the vehicle, from 2024, is also envisaged in France, as is that of production.

A hub of excellence dedicated to hydrogen heavy mobility

Hyliko announced, on the 1st of February, 2023 at the exhibition, its project for a center of excellence dedicated to hydrogen heavy mobility located in the south of Greater Paris area, more precisely in Villabé, Essonne. Located near the A6, a strategic axis for road transport, this 2-ha site aims to be a center of excellence for hydrogen heavy mobility by bringing together several activities:

  • a vehicle exhibition area, a real showcase for the company, and offices dedicated to the management team of the network of stations;
  • a technical training center for our partners, to provide them with training courses in the diagnosis, repair and maintenance of hydrogen vehicles;
  • a fueling station coupled with a hydrogen production unit by biomass thermolysis intended for the refueling of Hyliko heavy goods vehicles and accessible to public and private fleet operators operating in the territory.


« Producing hydrogen from our stations using the potential of biomass, a local resource producing biochar in parallel – also valued locally – is one of our areas of differentiation. This hydrogen fuel filling station will be one of the first in the south of Paris. Such a station located at the gates of the Greater Paris Metropolis will be an asset to succeed in the territory’s transition towards carbon-free mobility and more broadly participate in the national network of stations thanks to its strategic location on the A6 and the rise of hydrogen mobility. » adds Denis Héchard, Director of Hyliko’s network of stations.

The Villabé’s hub is due to be launched by mid-2024. It marks a key step in the strategic development of the fueling network and the maintenance network, positioning Hyliko among the pioneers in shaping the green hydrogen of tomorrow for road freight transport.

Hyliko is planning to deploy 6,000 hydrogen trucks and develop 60 hydrogen fueling stations by 2030 across Europe. Hyliko aims to accelerate the decarbonization of road freight transport, a key sector in the transition to a carbon-neutral economy.


About Hyliko

Hyliko is the first integrated decarbonization solution for road freight transport. To meet the logistics and road transport sectors new challenges, Hyliko offers a hydrogen mobility platform with a negative carbon footprint, combining the leasing and maintenance of hydrogen trucks, the supply of Green hydrogen fuel and the management of carbon credits. Hyliko also offers tailor-made support and pay-as-you-go vehicles. A solution adapted to the needs of its customers for an accelerated and large-scale deployment.

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