Who are we ?

Our vision

As a major figure in climate commitment, Europe recently agreed to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 55% from 1990 levels by 2030.
That is why, at Hyliko, we are convinced that the most suitable solution for decarbonising heavy mobility is a rapid and easily accessible deployment of green hydrogen.

Our mission

We are committed to deploying Europe's most efficient transport fleet decarbonisation service through a carbon-negative hydrogen mobility platform.

Our goal

We are convinced that hydrogen, a zero-emission solution, is the energy to achieve carbon neutrality in transportation.

We are the first to provide an integrated carbon-negative decarbonisation offer, combining hydrogen trucks, a network of Supergreen hydrogen stations, and carbon credits.

Our values


To transform the transport industry and accelerate its decarbonisation, our aim is to be the first to develop products and services using disruptive technologies.


Whether it’s our approach to transportation, our vehicles or our fuel, we act sustainably for the planet, and for our customers.


To accelerate decarbonisation, we are committed to deploying economically and technically accessible solutions for our customers and partners.


For us, the only way to achieve carbon neutrality in heavy mobility is through continuous innovation.

Companies that trust us

Camions carbone négatif

Our partners

Producer of negative carbon energy through thermolysis of biomass, agricultural upcycler of biochar resulting from thermolysis. Hyliko Supergreen hydrogen producer.

Specialist in high-power hybrid electric hydrogen. Manufacturer of powertrains for Hyliko trucks.

Capgemini Invent has been supporting Hyliko since day one in structuring their business model and in their operational and commercial launch.

Plastic Omnium designs and produces complex and interactive body systems, emission reduction and energy storage systems. A specialist in hydrogen storage, Plastic Omnium will equip Hyliko trucks.

Forsee Power is a French industrial group specializing in intelligent battery systems for sustainable electric transport. A major player in Europe, Asia and North America.

Toyota is a pioneer and leader in environmental technologies. After 30 years of development, Toyota offers its zero-emission fuel cell solutions based on the latest advances in hydrogen mobility.